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I'm a white mom who wanted to have conversations about race with my kids (ages 9, 12, & 13). But I didn't know how. First, I realized I needed to educate myself about racism & bias in our country, and honestly acknowledge the racism & bias within my own heart (this self-education is still going on). One author said racism is in the air we breath, we don't even realize we are taking it in. Again, I am no expert-these are resources that helped me navigate this. Don't rely on your black friends to fill you in. And don't call them when you are crying, all in your feelings, overwhelmed with white guilt (did this, BTW). And honestly, you're gonna need to work through the white guilt part to get to the place where you can be of use. There are so many voices & books to learn from. Authors I have learned from: Latasha Morrison, Austin Channing Brown, Ibram X. Kendi, & Jemar Tisby. Podcasts are a great resource too (Scene On Radio is good). It is a marathon, not a sprint. Heavy content, but so worth it. It has created more empathy within my own heart and I have met so many like-minded mamas and wonderful people along the way.

Be the Bridge is a wonderful resource (with a FB group) that walks you through a free anti-racism course with a mix of articles, podcasts & videos. Led by Latasha Morrison & an amazing team.

With my kids, switching out the books they were reading is a simple first step and then we'd discuss the book afterwards. Truly, it can be an ongoing conversation-it can't be unpacked in one sitting. When you see an example of systemic racism in your own community, point it out to your children. If your tween/teens are not readers, I think listening to an audio book together can work-just like a chapter a night.

If you are in Mississippi, in Jackson-the Winter Institute is wonderful. They have speakers who can share with your church group or youth group about racism. They have a summer camp for high schoolers that teach diversity. Their team is so very compassionate and knowledgeable. 

Some of the resources & authors noted are faith-based, but not all. 

Great article at 
These 2 quick videos are great for parents.
Watch this one first: Click Here
Watch this one second: Click Here

An overview of the history of racism in the US:


NOTE: If you see anything that has the Coretta Scott King Award, it will be top notch.

Bud Not Buddy (my son (8) & I found audio chapters on you tube). A teacher fav.

Hula Hoopin Queen

Very sweet book, and here it is read by Oprah!

Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History


Hammering for Freedom
An amazing true, inspirational story set post-slavery time. When we were in Chattanooga, we were able to point out the location of his shop!


As Fast As Words Can Fly (loved this one!)

A great you tube reading of it:


NOTE: Anything by Jason Reynolds & Kwame Alexander is amazing.


American Girl Resources:

American Girl website is offering all of their racially diverse content free.


An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win, we found it on Amazon Prime Video.

Good luck, mamas. You are doing a great job. Please pass along any resources that your family has appreciated! 

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