Free signs for Gun Reform Awareness

If you are looking for a gun reform awareness rally, there may be one already planned in your hometown on March 24, March for Our Lives . Here are signs to download and print. They are PNG files. And if you'd like a free PDF to download via Google docs, click here.

I realize the root of school shootings is not just the weapon, but a two prong issue (gun laws & mental health reform). But the obvious initial step (to me) is to prevent the sale of the assault rifles FIRST, while we work on improving mental health services simultaneously. The mental health prong is multiple steps and will take more time. My 3 kids attend a local public school (not just a public school issue, I realize) and I work with at-risk kids, creating a safe space and community for kids who may not have a safe place or "a group". So I see how some kids can slip through the cracks, not get proper mental health care, or become disconnected from their peers. And honestly, seeing this warrior princess (Emma Gonzalez) speak inspired me to want to be involved. Wow. Such fire for her age.


courtney said...

Love this! Love you! #Leadership

sophia said...

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