So this little song wormed its way into my head a few years ago. And it has stuck & Mr. Happy Heart (he's below) was born out of this song and its Bible truth. A THANKFUL HEART=A HAPPY HEART. Mr. Happy Heart came to life last year for a little art demonstration for the preschool where my kiddos went/go. And this year he's coming to Henry's 1st grade class dressed up as a pilgrim in time for Thanksgiving. It is funny how things stick with kids, like the random things they remember or the things you'd wish they'd forget. But Mr. Happy Heart always comes up, the kids draw him and we talk about him when we are having a bad day. And Mr. Happy Heart helps me, something about when I thank my God for all the little/big things all around, my funk gets lifted from me.
And this is something that made the Thanksgiving season sweet for me last year. I got a $2 pack of cards from Michael's and wrote notes of thanks to people in my life. It was my little challenge. 8 cards, so 2 a week. We need encouragement, I need encouragement. Life if is hard, even if you have it "easy". Lift one another up, give yourself an excuse-like the month of November, to say thank you.

And these little jars are made this year for your Thanksgiving gathering. They are 5.5"x3" and $15. How it goes...everyone fills out a card, listing what they are thankful for & after the meal, you pass the jar around & everyone takes a card out & reads it. We always try to match up the "thanks" to the "thanker". It is a simple tradition that we have done for years. I have a limited number, so when they are sold up-no mas until next year. I can ship for $5 or local pick-up. Email me if ya need one! sarah@largendesign.com

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