Emma Nelson Adoption Fundraiser

WOO-HOO, it was very fun to cut a check to Wesley for $1300 for "adoption of Emma" in the memo line.
 Thanks so much for being a part of this. I had to re-order labels 2 different times, the response was GREAT! I love it when God gives me ideas like this...

About the Nelson family. They live in Jackson and J works as the youth pastor at our church (CUMC), Wesley is the mama & my friend! Her older kiddos Ella Kate (friend of Ruthie's) and Walker (friend of Max's) are sweet ones. Walker and Max always end up in nursery together and are like 2 old men together. Ella Kate has spunk and Ruthie met her match when she met Ella Kate. So they keep it spunky together at church and compete to who can answer the Bible questions first. EK is so excited to meet her sister!!!! Emma is coming from China and we can't wait to meet her, hopefully this Dec/Jan. I'm so happy & proud that Wesley & J said YES to Emma. Their journey inspires me. 

Just let me know if you have questions on ordering. Spread the word. And just if you want to know what "proceeds" means=$11 of the $15 label order goes to the adoption fund.


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