see-ya betta fish

So fishy fish was struggling these past few days-I knew he was about to bite it, but I didn't even have the energy to buy a new one and do the fish switch-out thing. I needed a break from fish maintenance. We had him for 2 years. I am not an animal nurturer/keeper. My people are enough for me. But there were actual tears for this fish-real 5 & 7 year old emotion. And this is how we paid tribute to him. I suggested we draw a picture of him, because burying him in the cemetery as Henry suggested was not doable. Henry had tears in his eyes as he was drawing this picture.
And Max (2) was asking about fishy fish and Ruthie just kept yelling Fishy fish is dead over and over, 2" from his face.

biased chick flick review

For whatever reason this movie has pulled me out of my blogger drought. The perfect escape for this mama avoiding the back-to-school flurry of weird emotions. This emotion is confusing to hubby, I thought it was summer you didn't like, I thought you said you liked the routine of the school year. I just need a moment to process it all or NOT and just watch a movie like this. If you heart Mr. Darcy, worth your time.

So Baby Ruth started K5 today. She did not want me to walk her to her classroom, and en route to school she suggested that maybe I could rest while she and Henry were away today. She knows her mama. She is SOOO itching to read (sometimes she tricks me into thinking she can-but is just a good guesser), to figure it all out-YOU GO GIRL. I was NOT this way.

Can't count the tears shed over Jane Austen books/movies (really more the movies, if I'm being honest). The perfect formula of it all. Watch it, sistas. But don't your man watch it-it'll wear them out.