art party RUTHIE=5

So this crazy thing is 5. Ruthie is our fun-maker. Hope you have a Ruthie in your household. She prefers to wear mismatched socks. Her mission is to keep Max happy & entertained. We can get cracked up at the same stuff. She remembers the words to all songs. She remembers names. Almost everyone is her best friend.

We had a painting party at Easely Amused. It made me miss my friend Bridget (moved to Austin)-her sister taught the class, a version of Bridget.

 Rice krispy paint brushes. Warning: don't do these if you are rushed. And they never looks as pretty as the pinterest pictures. If you are okay with this, proceed. Here is are steps here. I did them 2 days in advance, so they were bricks on a stick. Each kid who took one, I warned them not to break a tooth.

These pretzel rods were easier.

 My produce palette. Foam board with holes cut out for the glass containers I had. You could use any size bowls/containers for this. This one was easy-peasy. I used an Xacto knife to cut the foam board.
 The poster on the right was a school project a few weeks prior-it got put to use.
 The start of the mermaid.
 Henry going rogue and doing some kinda robot/creature.
 Loved seeing the mamas with their daughters. It was really hard not to get involved with the girls' paintings. We were trying to have self-control and not snatch away that brush & 
tame miss mermaid's hair.
 Ruthie and cousin Elizabeth.
 Ruthie & Caroline Reed. Ruthie started crying yesterday when we talked about the day when these 2 would be going to different schools. Ruthie can't get enough of CR and little Meredith.
 Most of my decor was tin cans, rainbow duct tape, skinny balloons and anything colorful I had in the house. I tend to re-use & re-purpose.

  I got cupcakes from Crumb. They were so yummy. Yummy enough that I did not offer the extras to the adults. I needed to take the rest home.
 Our fun intructor-Amy.
 Meredith & Ruthie.
 Max getting in on the action.
My dad & Ruthie. R is not really into "smiling" for pictures.

Everyone with their pretty mermaids. Lots of Marge Simpson hair.
 Tim & Max.
As good as family pictures get.

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