So this little song wormed its way into my head a few years ago. And it has stuck & Mr. Happy Heart (he's below) was born out of this song and its Bible truth. A THANKFUL HEART=A HAPPY HEART. Mr. Happy Heart came to life last year for a little art demonstration for the preschool where my kiddos went/go. And this year he's coming to Henry's 1st grade class dressed up as a pilgrim in time for Thanksgiving. It is funny how things stick with kids, like the random things they remember or the things you'd wish they'd forget. But Mr. Happy Heart always comes up, the kids draw him and we talk about him when we are having a bad day. And Mr. Happy Heart helps me, something about when I thank my God for all the little/big things all around, my funk gets lifted from me.
And this is something that made the Thanksgiving season sweet for me last year. I got a $2 pack of cards from Michael's and wrote notes of thanks to people in my life. It was my little challenge. 8 cards, so 2 a week. We need encouragement, I need encouragement. Life if is hard, even if you have it "easy". Lift one another up, give yourself an excuse-like the month of November, to say thank you.

And these little jars are made this year for your Thanksgiving gathering. They are 5.5"x3" and $15. How it goes...everyone fills out a card, listing what they are thankful for & after the meal, you pass the jar around & everyone takes a card out & reads it. We always try to match up the "thanks" to the "thanker". It is a simple tradition that we have done for years. I have a limited number, so when they are sold up-no mas until next year. I can ship for $5 or local pick-up. Email me if ya need one! sarah@largendesign.com


see-ya betta fish

So fishy fish was struggling these past few days-I knew he was about to bite it, but I didn't even have the energy to buy a new one and do the fish switch-out thing. I needed a break from fish maintenance. We had him for 2 years. I am not an animal nurturer/keeper. My people are enough for me. But there were actual tears for this fish-real 5 & 7 year old emotion. And this is how we paid tribute to him. I suggested we draw a picture of him, because burying him in the cemetery as Henry suggested was not doable. Henry had tears in his eyes as he was drawing this picture.
And Max (2) was asking about fishy fish and Ruthie just kept yelling Fishy fish is dead over and over, 2" from his face.

biased chick flick review

For whatever reason this movie has pulled me out of my blogger drought. The perfect escape for this mama avoiding the back-to-school flurry of weird emotions. This emotion is confusing to hubby, I thought it was summer you didn't like, I thought you said you liked the routine of the school year. I just need a moment to process it all or NOT and just watch a movie like this. If you heart Mr. Darcy, worth your time.

So Baby Ruth started K5 today. She did not want me to walk her to her classroom, and en route to school she suggested that maybe I could rest while she and Henry were away today. She knows her mama. She is SOOO itching to read (sometimes she tricks me into thinking she can-but is just a good guesser), to figure it all out-YOU GO GIRL. I was NOT this way.

Can't count the tears shed over Jane Austen books/movies (really more the movies, if I'm being honest). The perfect formula of it all. Watch it, sistas. But don't your man watch it-it'll wear them out.


kid prez

Kid President's (Robby) brother-in-law's (Brad Montague) blog here. The kid president blog here.

Not that you need another blog to follow, but the stuff they are doing makes me happy. My kids watch these videos over and over...

Can't say "everything on TV is junk"


things messing with me

Doesn't this song get you? Tears every time. This song has been following me these past few months. I was telling someone the other day.....I feel like God has stirred up a tornado in me & I don't know what to do with it. I have been having trouble sleeping at night and crying at the drop of a hat.

It all started with my sweet Chinese Christmas house guests. I got to be a part of His plan. I got a glimpse of what is possible when you choose radical obedience. Okay, for me having 2 Chinese students stay with me off/on for 3 weeks during the Christmas holidays was radical. Not for some. Baby steps. God is a patient with me. I want more, more of Him. Truly, I could coast. I could almost be content/happy planning my kids birthday parties, house projects, doing invites, maintaining this blog, graphic design & making pretty things. But God gave me a taste of what it means to be obedient and say YES when everything in your logical mind says NO. I was able to share my heart with these girls, God allowed me to be very honest & see them with His eyes.  I don't know where they are in their thoughts about God/Jesus, & I have to be ok with us being part of the puzzle. We get to celebrate Caroline's birthday tonight. Such kind and precious girls. They are so brave to experience ALL new things...

I've been talking to a friend about being part of a ministry. I'm scared. I don't feel equipped (although, I SHOULD, because I am a Bible study queen. I cannot count how many bible study books I have on my shelf). It will be messy, and interrupt our flow. But Tim's on board & supportive. He's a good one. This ministry opportunity was not my idea, it involves teenagers & not sure if I like teenagers. With all that God has been showing me this past year, not sure how I can say no.

I've been prompted to cut back on my graphic design work and I have NEVER felt the need to do this (well, except when the babies have come). I felt like God was saying, you gotta clear your plate some to allow more room for my work. Again all these baby steps for me seem so tiny compared to others. But in this moment, in my small world/brain-they seem big.

art party RUTHIE=5

So this crazy thing is 5. Ruthie is our fun-maker. Hope you have a Ruthie in your household. She prefers to wear mismatched socks. Her mission is to keep Max happy & entertained. We can get cracked up at the same stuff. She remembers the words to all songs. She remembers names. Almost everyone is her best friend.

We had a painting party at Easely Amused. It made me miss my friend Bridget (moved to Austin)-her sister taught the class, a version of Bridget.

 Rice krispy paint brushes. Warning: don't do these if you are rushed. And they never looks as pretty as the pinterest pictures. If you are okay with this, proceed. Here is are steps here. I did them 2 days in advance, so they were bricks on a stick. Each kid who took one, I warned them not to break a tooth.

These pretzel rods were easier.

 My produce palette. Foam board with holes cut out for the glass containers I had. You could use any size bowls/containers for this. This one was easy-peasy. I used an Xacto knife to cut the foam board.
 The poster on the right was a school project a few weeks prior-it got put to use.
 The start of the mermaid.
 Henry going rogue and doing some kinda robot/creature.
 Loved seeing the mamas with their daughters. It was really hard not to get involved with the girls' paintings. We were trying to have self-control and not snatch away that brush & 
tame miss mermaid's hair.
 Ruthie and cousin Elizabeth.
 Ruthie & Caroline Reed. Ruthie started crying yesterday when we talked about the day when these 2 would be going to different schools. Ruthie can't get enough of CR and little Meredith.
 Most of my decor was tin cans, rainbow duct tape, skinny balloons and anything colorful I had in the house. I tend to re-use & re-purpose.

  I got cupcakes from Crumb. They were so yummy. Yummy enough that I did not offer the extras to the adults. I needed to take the rest home.
 Our fun intructor-Amy.
 Meredith & Ruthie.
 Max getting in on the action.
My dad & Ruthie. R is not really into "smiling" for pictures.

Everyone with their pretty mermaids. Lots of Marge Simpson hair.
 Tim & Max.
As good as family pictures get.



I have thought of you often sweet friends, my brain won't settle enough for me to sit and post something. It is his fault.
Once the Oscar dust has settled & Jared goes back on the road with his solar system band, I will be able to re-focus my extra energy on my blog.