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So each year, Tim's family gets a place at the beach and invites us and his bro's family to gather for the holiday. A wonderful, spendid, fabulous gift. But this year, the flu bombed our house. It started with Henry-boy (who did not receive a flu shot). Then it got me (who did get a flu shot), then Max (who did not receive a flu shot). Please note: A dose of Mom guilt piled on top of my flu.
We were set to depart the Tuesday prior but we kept trying to wait out the flu. But on Wednesday night, my pragmatic husband says-we should consider splitting up for Thanksgiving, half going to the beach and half staying home. I wanted him to clarify which half I was in, but realized he meant the flu people stay home and the well people go to the beach. At that point, Henry, Ruthie & Tim were healthy & Max & I were getting left behind. I am being dramatic, but along with the majority of the universe-the beach is my happy place. To make it more sad, I had my bag packed 5 days before and the night before Tim had not yet packed his bag.

Last night when Tim tucked the kids in, he told them Max & I were staying home. About an hour later, Ruthie came into my room crying. Saying she didn't want Max & me to stay home. What were we going to do all alone? I kinda wanted to cry with her. But singing a different tune this morning when we were hugging goodbye-as she declared it the best day ever!
One other sad/happy point is that Tim's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. I like making his birthday special, & this is as special as it got this year- we did manage some flu-infused chocolate chip pound birthday cake before they hit the road. I made it while trying not to cough in the batter. I figure all the germs would be cooked out anyway. I know I should be devoting this post to my better half, but this one is about my atypical Thanksgiving. Tim will get his own post, after I get this one out about me.

My Thanksgiving day lunch. Actually, I was thankful that mom sent me some tamales the day before for the feast. My dad did call and promises to bring me a Thanksgiving plate this afternoon.
Entertainment for us, Max kept wanting to light & blow out Tim's candles. We did this over and over until we set off the smoke alarm.
 My thanksgiving turkey.
The dog show. I never have sat and watched this thing-it is not for me. Have you noticed that it looks like the dog trainer puts the dog treat in his/her mouth before they give it to their dog? Not cool. But Max let me snuggle him and we watched almost the whole thing-barking and woofing.
Then it was my turn to watch a 20 month old appropriate show-Something's Gotta Give. And since Max is still cleared for inappropriate TV, we watched it together. This is one of my favorites-room for crying and laughing. The best type of movie.

Well, I guess this day should have kinda depressed me, but actually-it was nice. I am from a large familiy-3 sisters & there are 22 plus some when we get together. There is busyness, cousin squabbles, cousin memories, shopping, start/stop conversations, kitchen tension, lots of apple devices & LOVE when we gather. But this year, Max and I just chilled out and my brain got quiet. I really stopped and thanked God for what He has given me.

ADDITION//////PLEASE NOTE: This day got depressing around supper time when my dad was sweet enough to bring by Thanksgiving leftovers. Max was so excited to see him. We had not been out of the house in 4 days. He was screaming doo-doo, doo-doo (short for Dewey). Hee hee. Anyway, dad unloaded the food and we chatted. DAD: Well, couldn't get anyone to come with me-they seem to think you 2 have the flu. ME: We do. DAD: Oh, hell-we'll I guess I better get going then.

So, we proceeded to dig in after our visitor ran for the hills. All contentment dissipated when Max gagged on his turkey and threw up on the carpet. Thanksgiving without my family together was no longer nice/quiet/serene. 

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Sarah Brashier said...

oh sarah, so sorry you had the flu and missed the beach. as always, i love reading your blog. miss you girly