Halloween is a crowd favorite over here. Stirs up so much fun! Love it. The candy, the excuse to wear a custom, the fall air, pumpkin patches, etc. Keep me away from the haunted houses and those scary movies-not cool. Even the scary movie previews-geez.

Here is here/there/everywhere of Halloween.

^^^ A painted pumpkin request from my friend Brooke for her daughter's pumpkin painting party. Above is the invite.
And most likely a form of baby abuse, but Max is wearing a crab costume intended for a x-large dog. Got it at Petco. Ruthie & Henry were disturbed by this. We did not tell Max.

 ^^^^^^ Oh, heavens. This was a Hween bday party we went to. I attempted to get the 3 in the shot and this is the result. Ariel looks like she is about to eat a crab with her fork (or dinglehopper). BTW, my love language is that Tim will dress in a costume because I asked him to...and we were supposed to both be a bag of jelly bellies. But my dollar tree bag of balloons only had brown balloons-so was prompted to become a box of Milk Duds instead.
Caroline Reed and Ruthie.
Ruthie and a bestie both wanted to be Ariel, complete with out of control red wigs.
Above are from Ruthie's Weekday Preschool party. These are the girls that make her happiest (included the preschool director-dressed as big bird).

 Henry boy with this Hween self-portrait.
 Hween party fun.
 Another hween party. Henry said that ninjas do not like mermaids and would not stand next to her for a pic.
 Cousins: Elizabeth & Ruthie.
 Wednesday night at church, teaching kids with pink noses.

 These girls are still Ruthie's friend even though she doesn't wear bows.
Pumpking patchin' it. 

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