Tim & I went to Chattanooga/Mentone, AL for a wedding for my fabulous friend, Jennifer, one of my roommates when I lived in Chattanooga.

Tara & me. She was my first friend in Chatt-I had zero friends when I met her. We went out for $1 Turbo Dogs on our first outing-I thought we were going to eat a bunch of $1 hot dogs. But turns out turbo dog is beer. I didn't care, I was just glad to have met a friend!
 Jennifer & Carl
 Flowers done by Canton friend-Carlyle.

 Jennifer works at Camp DeSoto & wanted to get married in the gym there before it had to be torn down last month.
 They like to run, bike & kayak.
 Tim was excited he made the DD cut. And he just asked "do I look fat in that picture".
 Two of my fave co-workers from JG: the Kellys. I wish they were MS girls.

 YUM. Hit this breakfast spot on Frazier. Okay, Chatt is a family friendly place. We were there with no kids & I was happy for that. But I wanna bring back the whole crew.

Tara & I used to run these bridges during our lunch break, not take showers and then return to work. When our boss (obviously a much-sweatier runner than us) realized we didn't not actually shower after our mid-day runs-he was grossed out.
I did this little bike illustration for the cups and such.
Jennifer! Jenn taught me so much when we lived together. Laugh through the hard stuff. I'm so glad she found her match. I prayer I have whispered for this sweet one.

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