bright spots

So my walls aren't high enough to contain all the stuff I want to stick up there. Some happy walls in my house....

 This is a combo of Allison Muirhead photos & their handprints on wood. This spot makes me happy. Although I think I should squish them in closer together now that I'm seeing them here. Whatever, prob will stay as is.

 Love this simple cross stitch.
 The top angel came from a sweet friend of mine-Mandy & the bottom Mason jar is a wood print from my friend Nicole.
 My halloween stuff borders on tacky, but I don't care-the kids like it. I'm not showing you the whole porch. Truly I could not tell Henry no. He kept bringing me stuff from the Halloween bin to put up. He was so into it.
 A view in my little office area.
Another nook in the office.

 This collection of photos makes me smile & I stop alot to look at them. Especially when I'm having a crazy mama moment. Henry's little toes, our honeymoon, trip to Chicago with friends, Ruthie at her bday, Nantucket trip, my sis Polly, Henry's first football game, Tim kissing a snowman, etc. The good stuff.
 My blue wooden Christmas tree that became hijacked to be a jewelry tree.
 A wall in our living room.
 Another wall in living room. I need more wall space.
 And this ray of sunny sun! Ruthie girl finding the last of our zinnias and wanting to put them in vases. How do little girls just automatically want to do this stuff. Ruthie keeps it fun for me. (Henry keeps it sweet & Max keeps it loud).

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