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Isn't this prayer beautiful? We are studying Ephesians in our Moms in Christ Bible study and nothing like digging in the word and finding all these treasures. Why am I always surprised at its power & how God uses the Holy Spirit in my heart by these words.

Sometimes I don't know how to pray for friends that are hurting. It usually just comes out-God fix them, just fix them. But what a better prayer this is. It is even encouraging to ME to pray this prayer. Like I need to pray this one for them and then say DITTO FOR ME.

I will pray this for you, my sweet friends who take a few minutes from their day to visit this site. I'm always humbled when I look at my little stat counter to see that people come here.

So I've been around a few mamas lately who have had babies go off to college and they are completely out of sorts. And I'm feeling for them, because if I had bus issues-can't image college. Like it is hard for me to talk to them too long, because it is hard for me to wrap my brain around it.

And literally 3 times this past week, I have had older/wiser parents remind me that it all flashes by so quickly and to enjoy each moment. I know one day, I will not be able to contain myself and say this same thing to wiggin', stressed out mamas. I'm sure it just comes out. But my last encounter with a 80 year old man, almost made me cry. He said, Enjoy it, there are no do-overs. Enjoy it, there are no do-overs. Enjoy it, there are no do-overs. (He said it 3 times). He sounded like he wanted a do-over. I wanted to grant him his own do-over by asking if he wanted to take my 3 kids home for the afternoon to try again. But I knew that would help me, but not necessarily him.

On some level, I feel like with Max, God has given me a do-over. I can enjoy his baby stage much more than with Henry & Ruthie. My brain is different, my faith is different. I accept God's grace better, I know that a new day-brings another day to be a better mom and another chance to whisper God's truths into my babies' ears. I'm leaning on God more and more, because even in my selfish stupidness-I realize that the closer I am to Him-the better mom I can be (not perfect-just better). Well, I'm realizing this today-I may forget all of this tomorrow. So this song is dedicated to those children who make you cuckoo and swell your heart up all at once. We're gonna miss them when they're gone out of our direct care....I heard this song the other day and it reminded me of this. It will be fast and then we'll be in the post office reminding younger mamas of how fast it goes. AND I REALIZE THAT THIS SONG IS IN NO WAY ABOUT KIDS GOING OFF TO COLLEGE AND NOT REALLY NEEDING THEIR PARENTS ANYMORE.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this sarah! i love reading your blog :)

meg harris

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