hammer time

 So I was checking out at Home Depot a few months ago and heard the cashier talking about how they host birthday parties there. Ding, ding. Tucked it away and had to convince Henry that a Home Depot party was way more fun than a party at chuck-e-cheese. He got on board. Did I mention it was free & they provide the craft kits, paint, & customized aprons (and hammers)!

 Henry requested pin the tail on the donkey, so we did put the hat on the construction worker.

 A "H" with some yard sticks.

 These "cone drinks" I found here.
 I had these earplugs out as a joke, but Henry wasn't playing. He put them to use.

 Henry's Kroger cake. I designed what I wanted on it & took a 4x6 print to the deli & they put it on the cake.

 Max was loving it. Even the hammering didn't bother him.
 Carter (Henry's BFF) insisted on a piece of cake with part of  Henry's face on it.
So, I've never been brave enough to do a pinata (watched too many episodes of AFV, but the Home Depot crew said we could).
 Henry and his friends.
Opening aunt KK's gift. Cousin Will helping.
Big Daddy & Honey came for the party. This is Tim giving his dad a tutorial on his new Kindle. Kindle is a big step for Big Daddy. He is the Mobile's public library's best book checker outer.
My Henry boy makes me melt. He is good as gold. He has trouble being sneaky, not very good at it. I was really good at being sneaky as a child. He loves: his friend Carter, his bro & sis, chocolate cereal (why did I start buying this), ring pops, shell mac-n-cheese, playing hide-n-seek & throwing water balloons. 
BTW, this is H in my robe. After he put it on, he said, take a picture and send it to Carter. Tim didn't think all of this was as funny as I did.

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