natchez wedding

So nothing like a Natchez wedding. If you've been there for one-you know.
 My cousin Nathan got married last weekend there & our whole fam went (22 of us). And even aunt/uncle/cousins from California! Growing up, we spent much time in Natchez & memories started pouring in while driving around Natchez (mostly lost while driving my mom around). Our cousins, Nathan & Eric, are close in age to Polly & me & we had so much fun with them (flag football, exploring, all the boy stuff we typically missed out on). Nathan, Polly & I continued on to MSU together-more fun. Always interesting when we ended up late night at Nathan's frat house-witnessing all the shananagans that go on when everyone really should be asleep. Stupid fun. Nathan is a Peter Pan sort of guy, who finally grew up & took the plunge with Vanessa. I'm proud of him. She is great, so glad he did not let her go. He's a pediatric dentist and wish that my kids could go to him. Sure he makes dentistry fun.
Invite I watercolored for Vanessa & Nathan.
 My cousin Eric & his mom Connie (my mom's sis).

 Cousins Mont & Henry.
So girls are supposed to be the photogenic ones, but Ruthie is a crazy person in all of her pictures. And Henry is so compliant.
Henry & Ruthie with their cousins Charlie & William. 
 Ruthie fanning Maxie-poo.

 When we were little, we would ride our bikes to this spot and get malts.
Me & Nathan.
 Aunt Tina, Aunt Connie & mom (sistas!)
 My uncle Ed & me. A very adventurous 80 year old. Really, like more energy than me.
Me & Max. His first milkshake. 
timmy & me.
Cute stuff-right?

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