fathers day craft: shell family

This is something I got in my head & tried out with my sister's family for a Father's Day gift for their dad. We were hanging out one afternoon & we gave everyone a part and it was done lickety split.
-Pick out a shell to represent each person in your family
-Paint your canvas & you can add glue to the border and sprinkle sand or crushed shell (I had crushed shells). I added a simple paint border inside the shell border.
-If you don't have a canvas, you can use a piece of wood
-If you have letter stamps, do a single initial to represent each family member or like this: "mom, dad, MM, M, E". No letter stamps? Then just write the names of each member below the shell.

If you wanted to add color to the project, everyone could paint their own shell.


natchez wedding

So nothing like a Natchez wedding. If you've been there for one-you know.
 My cousin Nathan got married last weekend there & our whole fam went (22 of us). And even aunt/uncle/cousins from California! Growing up, we spent much time in Natchez & memories started pouring in while driving around Natchez (mostly lost while driving my mom around). Our cousins, Nathan & Eric, are close in age to Polly & me & we had so much fun with them (flag football, exploring, all the boy stuff we typically missed out on). Nathan, Polly & I continued on to MSU together-more fun. Always interesting when we ended up late night at Nathan's frat house-witnessing all the shananagans that go on when everyone really should be asleep. Stupid fun. Nathan is a Peter Pan sort of guy, who finally grew up & took the plunge with Vanessa. I'm proud of him. She is great, so glad he did not let her go. He's a pediatric dentist and wish that my kids could go to him. Sure he makes dentistry fun.
Invite I watercolored for Vanessa & Nathan.
 My cousin Eric & his mom Connie (my mom's sis).

 Cousins Mont & Henry.
So girls are supposed to be the photogenic ones, but Ruthie is a crazy person in all of her pictures. And Henry is so compliant.
Henry & Ruthie with their cousins Charlie & William. 
 Ruthie fanning Maxie-poo.

 When we were little, we would ride our bikes to this spot and get malts.
Me & Nathan.
 Aunt Tina, Aunt Connie & mom (sistas!)
 My uncle Ed & me. A very adventurous 80 year old. Really, like more energy than me.
Me & Max. His first milkshake. 
timmy & me.
Cute stuff-right?