bye-bye butterfly

Sad to say good-bye to this sweet one (Katie/blue sweater). A very humble, kind, solid friend. She organized a playgroup for a few first time moms for a couple of years & a time I will always treasure. Just a morning to drink someone else's coffee & talk about kid stuff, mom's stuff, etc. Needed for mamas. I will miss her. I sent the above cards with the invite to have people fill-out. I asked a few talky friends to read out their memories aloud at the gathering. Laughing loud & getting sad too.

Invite above, gotta confess-got the wording idea from pinterest.

We had a going-away party at my crib for her. Great night. We did a chop salad bar. The gals went through the line & got their toppings & we added the lettuce & chopped/tossed it and brought to their chair. Fun idea for a group of girls. This may confuse the men. Sister Kathleen saw the idea at the Pioneer Woman. I had name cards for each of the girls & they put this with their plate so we would know who's salad was who.
Decor: maps in mason jars, mini-cardboard boxes, globe, you get the idea. You've seen these pieces & parts before. I did put brown paper on the tables as table cloths to play off the moving idea. 

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