bye-bye butterfly

Sad to say good-bye to this sweet one (Katie/blue sweater). A very humble, kind, solid friend. She organized a playgroup for a few first time moms for a couple of years & a time I will always treasure. Just a morning to drink someone else's coffee & talk about kid stuff, mom's stuff, etc. Needed for mamas. I will miss her. I sent the above cards with the invite to have people fill-out. I asked a few talky friends to read out their memories aloud at the gathering. Laughing loud & getting sad too.

Invite above, gotta confess-got the wording idea from pinterest.

We had a going-away party at my crib for her. Great night. We did a chop salad bar. The gals went through the line & got their toppings & we added the lettuce & chopped/tossed it and brought to their chair. Fun idea for a group of girls. This may confuse the men. Sister Kathleen saw the idea at the Pioneer Woman. I had name cards for each of the girls & they put this with their plate so we would know who's salad was who.
Decor: maps in mason jars, mini-cardboard boxes, globe, you get the idea. You've seen these pieces & parts before. I did put brown paper on the tables as table cloths to play off the moving idea. 


grad blocks

Hey sweet friends, I got inspired after Sunday Senior day after church & blocked it up. Just put these on FB, only one available of each. First come, first get. Email if you want to claim one.
 sarah@largendesign.com or go to FB world.

  ^ 6x6x1.5 canvas: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken ^ $17

  ^ 6x6x1.5 canvas: Life is Beauty Full ^ $17

 SOLD...^ 6x6x1.5 canvas: Life is Beauty Full ^ $17

^ 4x3.5x1.5 wooden block: Life is Beauty Full ^$15

^ 4x3.5x1.5 wooden block: Happy Girls are the Prettiest ^ $15
^ 7x5x1.5 wooden block: Happy Girls are the Prettiest ^ $17

^ 6x6x1.5 canvas: Happy Girls are the Prettiest ^ $17


hot, hot, hot

So Henry boy, read his first book the other night. It clicked, the lightbulb went off in his head-just like his sweet teacher promised. Ruthie could BARELY stand it. She was whispering in his ear hints of what she thought the line on the page was. She sooo wants to read. We were proud, he was proud. Such a fun day for us!!! The little things, right?

home sweet home

My college friend, Chesley, asked me to paint this of the house they used to live in. Thanks, sister, for asking me to do this! Chesley & I (and 2 others) used to live in the large and spacious 4-man in the sorority house. Goodness. Bunk beds, zip privacy, messy me & I think it was still fun.