It is finally here. Tomorrow night. I depend on ON DEMAND so much, so I always forget to watch shows when they come on, but I won't forget this one.
Oh my. What is the deal with these oreos. Oreos are NOT my thing, but these kind are. I've found them here and there. They are so very good. When I get a pack, I dunk them in my coffee.
My sweet and intentional friend, Kristen, asked me to do this quote for her laundry room. Soooo true. I know it in my mind, it just hard to convince my tired body that I am going to miss being needed by needy children & miss taking care of them in this way.

Funny unrelated/related story. I was in the post office with Ruthie & Max and sweet lady said-Please enjoy this time when they are young, you will miss them when they move out. I know you can't imagine that, but you will. And while she is telling me this. I can see Ruthie out of the corner of my eye doing what looks like a 4 year old version of a pole dance on the "line divider" pole in the post office. She was working it and there was a long line of people, some of who prob had to be thinking the same wrong thought. I say back, I know you must be right, everyone says this & hurry over to snatch Ruthie girl off that pole. And one day, I will prob say the same thing to some young "about to lose her sh** in the post office" mama & mean it.

If you are looking for a good kids' Bible for your kids/grands, this is one is great. We have others we like as well (below), but this one is really keeping my kids attention (and mine!) these days. We are reading about Samson now. Faves: Samson, Jonah, Moses in the basket, loaves & fishes, David/Goliath.

(We like this one too)

Well, if you are in the Jxn Metro area, you heard the Color Me Rad run was indeed Rad. I know FB friends were over it. But it really was such a fun event. I wish everyone I knew/loved was there just to be a part of it. Just one of those silly, big fun things. Well, it made me "train" for it. Although I was telling a serious runner person that I was running this upcoming race & she said oh it's not a race you know. Me thinking...what does that mean? They don't keep time or anything. Geez, louise. Don't tell me that, I've just started exercising again, I do not need an excuse to slack. I do love to run, but I can't be that serious about it.
Saw this type sticker on a car the other day. Made me laugh. It may sway you if you were on the fence about getting one of those mileage stickers for your automobile.

Sorry this post is so all over the place. Mad Men/children's Bible/color me rad. Hopefully, you can hang.

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