Ruthie's partay

OH, goodness. How much fun. Ruthie girl turned 4. A work in progress for awhile. It is not rational for me put this much time into a 4 year old's party, but I CANNOT HELP MYSELF. I may need proof of a happy childhood for baby girl. See look Ruthie, you did have fun growing up-let's sit down and look at these pictures from your 4th birthday party.
 So this whole theme was set in stone when my sister found these LALAloopsy toys on sale post-Christmas at Kroger for $1.50 each. And of course, it was Ruthie's favorite toy. But you u know mama has to be on board too & this sold me =)
Ruthie loves these girls.
The place where we had Ruthie's party had all sorts of fun dress-up clothes. Hearts of Madison. Great little place.

 Porter & her tough tattoos.

 Rainbow fruit tray. Found on pinterest-of course.

 Kristen Mullen at Crumb made our cake. You know I like doing the cakes some years, but I LOVE what she does. AlthoughI make myself sick and gained 3 pounds finishing off this cake post-party. They taste sooooo good.

Please do this dollar store candle re-do. I had this 4 in my pantry already and bedazzled it. Here's a tutorial. I stink at tutorials.
Myers is a friend that Henry & Ruthie share. He is Ruthie's age, but Henry thinks he's cool.

 Dewey & Big Daddy blocking out the lala crazies and talking about taxes and politics.

 Honey with Max. It was odd, I barely touched Max the whole party. He's on my hip always. I kept thinking I had lost him.

 Ruthie and her preschool buddy-Caleb. I wish I could freeze them.
What a cute shirt, my heart started beating real fast when I found it. R wants to wear it everyday. Found it on etsy.
We recruited some lala "helpers"-we had to snag them before they get too cool for this stuff.

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Sarah Brashier said...

way cute party, sarah. you outdid yourself sistah. miss you lots and can't wait to (hopefully) hang soon!!!