Easter thoughts

Sweet friends, I pray that this Easter season is giving you hope. Hope that we are works in progress and God is not done with us yet. Easter swirls so much up inside of me. I can't grasp what Jesus did for us and not feeling adequate for this sacrifice...Easter special stuff for me this year.
This song gets me every time & that if God can make beauty out of the dust, he can surely work with me! It has been going through my head at this Easter season. That He can make us new again. What a strong promise to us & reminder of the plans He intends for you and me. 

This block is in my house and sometimes I want to chunk it out the window because my life at that moment might not very pretty & definitely not beautiful. But all the moments (good and bad) mooshed together makes beauty. And after my bad mama days, it makes me what to cling to God even more-because I am reminded I cannot do this without Him. I don't want Tim & me just to "survive" the young kiddo stage, but I want God to make us more of what He wants in the midst of it. 

I am thankful for my Chinese friends here at Easter. They are here for a year studying and about to go back. We've gotten to know them this past year. Above was a Chinese New Year celebration, they typically don't dress like this.
 Outfits that our sweet Chinese friends got us for Chinese New Year. They got all of our sizes right!
I know these gals miss their families & all that is familiar to them & can't wait to be back. They do not know Jesus yet, and I wish I had more time to spend with them and answer God questions (or attempt to). These chicks are so brave, coming over here at 21, trying to get a grasp on our culture, language, slang, & etc. One asked me why the Bible was so important to Christianity and why is so difficult to read & understand. Goodness, how to answer this one? I tried the best I could. I suggested she go with "the Message" translation. I take for granted all the Christian "resources" we have here in America. Pastors/scholars who can give the back story on those complicated parts of the Bible. I doubt there is much of this in China for our Chinese Christian friends or seekers. Pray that God will stir their souls.

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