Ruthie's lala drawing.
So I feel like I need a lalaloopsy intervention over here. I CANNOT STOP. We have Ruthie's birthday party this Saturday and I'm in a tornado of A.D.D. party prep. But I'm stopping tonight. No more. Get away from me, Pinterest.

But I'm not sure who loves lalaloopsy more-me or Ruthie. 

And not to forget THIS birthday boy. He turns 1 on Friday. I'm planning on crying. He doesn't have a theme, he got a party pack from the Dollar Tree. He can't talk, so he can't tell me what type of party he wants. But seriously, he is our surprise blessing boy. I have soaked up this year with him, realizing he is a bonus, such a over-the-top gift from God. More than we deserve. He is so curious. I had to fetch a live bug from his mouth today.

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