Fab Friday

Sorting through pics & things I'm thankful for this Friday. Pictures will make me remember the fun. And I won't remember my bad mama days (and hopefully the kids won't either), just these sweet memories. Right, this is how it will work-right?

Can you see Max's amazing eyelashes??? I covet them at least once a day.

Max's kissable cheeks & timmy being such a great dad.

 Ruthie & her baby Jesus in His manger.

 Beach time with the Largen fam over the holidays.

 Ruthie's Christmas miracle: a remote control unicorn. This was completely rigged up, but it passed & she was happy. This was ALL she asked for from Santa.

 Honey (Tim's mom) turned 70 this year & we surprised her and met them for dinner. I couldn't ask for a sweeter mom-in-law. I really got lucky.
My tough Henry & sassy niece Elizabeth. I was feeling nice and let them get into the 80's costumes.

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