Crazy. Such a broooooooad term. There is good crazy and "no, she is REALLY crazy". I've noticed me and my friends will talk about crazy people sometimes (we were not talking about u). But I think that we are all crazy & if we find someone who maybe a little bit crazier than we are-we don't mind pointing this out & it makes us feel better about our own crazy.

The other night at suppertime, Ruthie called me crazy. I told her that wasn't very nice & that I call myself crazy (which I do), but that it wasn't polite for her to point that out to me. She was confused.

Then I had a very sweet, and not-so-crazy friend, apologize to me today for being so crazy and surely I must think she was crazy. And I was like, sister, if you looked at one of my days-you would know why I don't think you are crazy.

Bottom line, we are all crazy. Some can keep it under wraps better than others.

-I made my kids sleep in their school clothes last night, so I didn't have to worry with changing them this morning. Actually, this could be smart-not crazy.

-I drive out my neighborhood talking on my house phone until it runs out of range & I'm like-why did my phone drop the call?

-I really wish this Beta Fish would give up & die already.This may be mean, no crazy.

-I let my 3 & 5 year old bath together when I know it is no longer appropriate, but I just can't give up the convenience of it.

-Sometimes, I feed my kids in the bathtub (think shish-ka-bobs). See I think these type ideas are fabulous until my husband walks in & I see the look on his face. Then I feel it is a little crazy.

-There are other crazy moments popping into my head, but in the interest of not oversharing-I will stop.

Sometimes I do wish I was more logical & thought-out like my pragmatic, CPA husband, but I am not wired this way. Always wonder why God did us the way He did, sometimes it works in my favor & sometimes it works against me.

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www.thewowie.com said...

I wish our Beta fish would die too. We are all crazy. ;)

"The only normal people you know, are the ones you don't know very well..."