Things I'm loving in 2013.
Refillable baby food pouches have saved my life. I literally thank God for the smart person that He created that invented this product. I'm not exaggerating. Max is not very familiar with a spoon because I just squirt his baby food straight in his itty bitty mouth. I used to pay $1.50 per baby food pouch then we found these. I take it all back. The first week of using these, all was good. Then the lid wouldn't stay shut. ICK. Babyfood explosion here and over there. ^See, see, see^. Just didn't want to be on anyone's crap list for recommending these. I know I have so much influence over what you are picking up at Wal-Mark. Just don't get this.

 If you want ZERO excuses for reading the Bible this year, get this app. It has a journal section, reading plans, resources for each verse at your fingertips. I used to have another, but LOVE this one much more. There is power in the scripture like no other book. I am reminded of this each time I turn to it.
For a lighter tip: PLASTICWARE. Can't tell you how fun it was to ditch my closet full of plastic lids and containers. Been using it for a few weeks and still liking it. I do wish there were a couple of larger sizes in the pack. I got mine at CVS, but see they have them at Walmark.

 So I read listened to this book after Max came (night feedings) and literally busted a gut every time I read listened to it. My sista Kathleen is reading it now and it reminded me of how crazy funny it is. Her chapter on her dad-"That's Don Fey" still make me smile & we can prob relate to some version of this fashion tip:

"By 19, I had found my look. Oversize T-shirts, bike shorts, and wrestling shoes. To prevent the silhouette from being too baggy, I would cinch it at the waist with my fanny pack. I was pretty sure I would wear this look forever. The shirts allowed me express myself with cool sayings like ‘There’s No Crying in Baseball’ and ‘Universit├Ąt Heidelberg,’ the bike shorts showed off my muscular legs, and the fanny pack held all my trolley tokens. I was nailing it on a daily basis. Find something like this for yourself as soon as possible.”

Okay, I love running, but literally only run like once every few weeks. Must not love it that much, I guess. But this is motivating me these days. The COLOR ME RAD RUN, March 23, Jackson. You wear a white T and get blasted with color through-out the run. 
Liked this one. May be a renter for you. These guys were so good in it. It has some very real moments, but funny parts too. Bradley Cooper's character has no filter, those are the funniest parts to me.

I must have been pretty desperate to see it. Over the holidays, I left my kids in the care of their older cousins while my sister Kathleen & I went to see it. Mary Margaret is 12-she is capable. But before I left, my number one rule was: Don't let Max put anything little in his mouth.

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