Handprint project

So these wooden discs (what are these called?) were given to me by someone who thought I could do something with them. And something came to me. I did the kiddos handprints on them in the colors I can't get away from. I added them to my Christmas decor.

 That's Max up there, in the mix. Little man is on the move now. Just trying to soak it all up, he grows each day.

Christmas sticker labels

Please note, some of the colors of the illustrations can't be modified. But I can customize the text as you'd like!
merry everything
 tis the season type
merry merry

jingle all the way
gold tree

dotted stocking

pink/green angel

trumpet angel

ho, ho, ho balls

3 gifts

3 ornaments

single ornament

single gift

2 trees


 green rectangle

These are the label options for my square sticker labels (2.75"x2.75"). 36 labels for $15. They will certainly spruce up your Christmas happies! Email me & specify which design & wording.


h is for hap

This shower for my friend Del and baby Hap was a few months back and now sharing. I did the decorations and can't take any credit for this yummy food. I'll take decor duty over food anyday. Del with her Hap makes me thank God each time I see new pics on FB. Del was born to be a mama & now she is.

 Fuzzy shot, but I painted little wooden ABC blocks and hot glued a small clothes pin to the top for the menu items.
 Cute friends of Del's. Can't remember names??? But we were all happy to be there and giddy about baby Hap.
 Little man. No clue the stir he caused.

 Now I do know these chickadees: KD sistas-Kristen, Meghan & Amy.

 Wreath I fashioned up with a painted H and ribbon strips.
 Notes to Hap, got this from pinterest. People write notes to Hap.
 My friend Kristen had these wire buggies.

I used stamps to make these H/Hap signs. Swiped the greenery from my hood.