Ruthie, Henry & I drove out to see my sis Polly & her crew. My BBF Frances has moved to Dallas too. So I got twice the visits in 1 trip.
I was pumping myself up for the drive, was not looking forward to this part of it. A few "get me out of this car" moments-but they did well. And worth the drive. And one beautiful highlight: the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. They had a Chihuly exhibit there-breathtaking. This artist works with glass. The Arboretum is beautiful enough on its own, but having these huge glass arrangements in the landscape was surreal. It was crowded, kids were melting down, there was bickering, but it was still a wonderful day. A good day has a mix of it all-right???? If you are in Dallas, go here-it is fabuloso.

 Charlie (in red) being Charlie. A big personality in a little body.

 Think this a cute pic of Polly! Wish she lived closer.
 This was named (by us) the hairy finger. Polly & William in front of the hairy finger.

 Mist was coming out of the trees! Magic.
 My friend Frannie's little girl-Brook painting with Ruthie.
 This is funny, I just posted the above pic on FB and tagged Frances. She sends me a text literally 2 minutes after posted and says UNTAG ME & REMOVE! I was laughing so hard. I thought it was a cute pic of us, but she did not approve.
Frannie's son-William & Henry.

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