boooooo y'all!

LOOOOVE Halloween! My fave holiday growing up because we could barely have candy (only on Saturdays).
 too much-right? I got these little "faces" pin set at Michael's last year (intended for pillar candles). Not sure if they have them this year. These things make me smile daily.

 Spooky table. I'm keeping this photo mobile up on my chandelier and switch it up with the holidays. Not really a deliberate plan, but I'm too lazy to take it down.

 The kids & I had so much fun putting this up. We did it 2 weeks ago, told ya I love Halloween. I wish had the energy to have another party.

Going to do these frames again this year, but for Ruthie's Halloween Class party craft. Here's the how-to.



My favorite Jesus girl has come out with a new book. It is speaking straight to my soul. Sometimes I feel like my happy little house can be a pressure cooker, especially those last 2 weeks of summer. I hate how these cute little kids can bring out the uglies in me. I'm trying to teach my baby girl to get a handle on those female emotions & I can't even show her how to do it! I will always be a work in progress.

It seems like my children were the very last ones to start school this week and this unglued mama was barely hanging in there. I couldn't handle another first day of school photo on FB. Trying not to be dramatic, but there was mucho drama in the last weeks. I've had some bad mama moments. I literally bounced passed my kids into nursery at church, so I could run to the sanctuary and God could fill me up again.

God was there and He preached and sang what I needed to hear (take a listen to the August 19 sermon). The sermon was on being too busy. Our associate pastor challenged us to observe the Sabbath for the next 2 months (what we should be doing already-right?). And it felt like I was given permission to actually take it easy on Sunday. He said it may not be possible to dump all that is on our plate, but we can at least set that full plate down for one day a week to recharge. It dawned on me that I find value in how much I can get done in a day. And many days, it is not happening-Max has other plans for me!