largen life

 In our boots!
 Max with Gigi.
 sweet niece, clara, on bottle duty.
 This could happen only if Max gets Tim's smarts.
 Fishing expedition with dad at neighborhood pond. First fish!
Morning time with my man.


baby hap

Isn't this is the happiest new mom & dad pic!!! My sweet friend del is a MOM! They have been wanting a baby for 8 years & baby Hap is now theirs. She has hosted countless baby showers & bought so many baby gifts for friends-all with so much grace. Anyone who knows her, can agree Del is the type born to be a mom, she could easily handle 5 kiddos. I got the news Sunday morning and all through church, I was praising God for this little/BIG gift. God is good!


gurrrrl power

Love this spot. Have you caught Olympic fever? I will miss them! What else will inspire me to go to the gym?


carey leigh & jody's baby

A painting I did for friends of ours. It is a painting for their first baby. Nothing like that first baby. Praying for her pregnancy, delivery and parenthood. The dad-Jody, is Tim's BFF (you know that's how he describes him), we are so thankful this chapter is here for him. They will be precious parents.

He was my set-up project before he found his CL. Set him up 3 times, each time stressed Tim out. I like matching people up, he does not.

keeping it real

Well, I would love to report that ^ these ^ were my zinnias, but NOPE. These are my neighbor's zinnias. He's 80+, so I think he has an advantage.

^These are my zinnias^. For the record, this blog is not even my own reality most of the time. It is my collection of the bright and shiny parts of our life over here. I've found it is God's way of reminding me of what is good/lovely in my life: pretty paintings, precious kids, His love, etc.
I keep this V-tine card (katie daisey) wedged in the shelf in my kitchen. Sometimes I laugh when I see it because "beautiful" does not sum up some of our moments. Like when I am inadvertently yelling in Max's itty bitty baby ears, as I am holding him while screaming at the big kids for various reason. When  he starts talking, he will probably be yelling.