working girl

 Found these books at an antique store and thought of my friend Nicole. We used to work together at Ramey. It made me laugh, thinking of her having these stacked on her desk while working away. Miss working down the hall from her creative juices. Gave her these the other night and we were hooting it up looking thru them.
 Inside spread of "You Can Talk Well"-Making your talk colorful and stimulating. This probably means two different things in the 60's and now.

wedding invites

You people may get tired of looking at these, but I don't get tired of painting them! Love doing them...



excerpt from The Sacred Echo: Hearing God's Voice in Every Area of Your Life By Margaret Feinberg
This struck me tonight, I can relate to this...

blog worthy

U totally need to take advantage of this. Walmark has a new free shipping service on a good number of products. I use it for bulky or random items that I don't want to fill my cart up with...toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, etc. Just look for the "home free" verbiage in the product description. It is MAGIC!!!


largen life

This photo could sum up our crazy days of "life with 3".
 A couchful of cousins at our beach trip. 12 of us!!! Mama & Dad (Gigi & Dewey) somehow makes time for all their grands. If it ever stresses mom out, she doesn't let on...
 this one made me laugh...these kiddos love sweet Marlene. She was both of their teachers at MMO & is a little angel to our family. She was a sanity saver as I was trying to juggle freelance work and new baby Henry. He rocked my world (and didn't even know it).
cute man! trying to soak up this baby stage.


This garland idea came from oh happy day, one of my faves. She did hers with tissue paper, think I'll do mine with paper napkins, since I have a cagillion of them. Here is her how-to.


watercolor invites

Thanks, Leslie! This girl knows every bride in Natchez! These are $30 per plus taxes (matte & wrapping included).

The above 4 were ordered from Lauren-thanks sista!!!
These are the wrapped final product ready to gift to these brides...