henry's 5

Henry's fave things: doughnuts, pancakes & children's museum


 covered this foam board "5" with fruity pebbles

 I put apple jacks on this "H", this too more time than I should have spent.

Okay, these little eggs & bacon-you gotta do if you have the appropriate occasion (or not). Super easy & aren't they hilarious!! (MM's, pretzels & white choco) Recipe HERE.
 That is my fruity pebble "5"-I attached it to a fabric covered cardboard.
 Ruthie can barely stand it.

 Henry's pancake stack was a hot mess. I was laughing the whole time I was creating it. But I knew Henry would love it. If you are to do this properly: 1. Add food coloring to the pancake batter  2. Put regular cake icing in between the layers (I put whipped marshmallow & it went all crazy).

 I covered the whip cream bottles with comic strips & did runners of pennant comics.
 post party fam picture
 Party favors. I went cuckoo when I found these as the favors. They are spoon straws, that I paired with little cereals!!!
 My mom & Max.

A couple of buds came over to slip & slide on his actual bday yesterday.

 Henry loves his Max. I was doing this type picture for Max & Henry wanted to lay next to him & have his age too.

Things I love about Henry...
-He has the sweetest spirit.
-He has his own terms and way of saying things. When Max is getting sleepy, Henry says he has short eyes.
-He loves bugs, carried around a huge green grasshopper for most of the day today-poor little thing.
-He loves his daddy (me too, but he realllly loves tim). 
-He can barely tell a lie. Sometimes I get in Henry's bed if I've gotten up to feed Max & just finish the night in his bed. One night I had my arm around him & he said Um, I really can't sleep when you are hugging me. I couldn't get my feelings hurt because it made me laugh.
-I asked him yesterday what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said-My cousins. I knew what he meant. He has some great older cousins who he loves being around.

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Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

The picture of Henry and Max and their ages are precious!