henry's 5

Henry's fave things: doughnuts, pancakes & children's museum


 covered this foam board "5" with fruity pebbles

 I put apple jacks on this "H", this too more time than I should have spent.

Okay, these little eggs & bacon-you gotta do if you have the appropriate occasion (or not). Super easy & aren't they hilarious!! (MM's, pretzels & white choco) Recipe HERE.
 That is my fruity pebble "5"-I attached it to a fabric covered cardboard.
 Ruthie can barely stand it.

 Henry's pancake stack was a hot mess. I was laughing the whole time I was creating it. But I knew Henry would love it. If you are to do this properly: 1. Add food coloring to the pancake batter  2. Put regular cake icing in between the layers (I put whipped marshmallow & it went all crazy).

 I covered the whip cream bottles with comic strips & did runners of pennant comics.
 post party fam picture
 Party favors. I went cuckoo when I found these as the favors. They are spoon straws, that I paired with little cereals!!!
 My mom & Max.

A couple of buds came over to slip & slide on his actual bday yesterday.

 Henry loves his Max. I was doing this type picture for Max & Henry wanted to lay next to him & have his age too.

Things I love about Henry...
-He has the sweetest spirit.
-He has his own terms and way of saying things. When Max is getting sleepy, Henry says he has short eyes.
-He loves bugs, carried around a huge green grasshopper for most of the day today-poor little thing.
-He loves his daddy (me too, but he realllly loves tim). 
-He can barely tell a lie. Sometimes I get in Henry's bed if I've gotten up to feed Max & just finish the night in his bed. One night I had my arm around him & he said Um, I really can't sleep when you are hugging me. I couldn't get my feelings hurt because it made me laugh.
-I asked him yesterday what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said-My cousins. I knew what he meant. He has some great older cousins who he loves being around.


dad's day

 Getting ready for a triple threat weekend over here: Henry's bday, Max's baptism & Father's Day. I've been having some crazy lady moments for sure, but I'm back today. How quickly I lose perspective! This fine china hasn't seen the light of day in quite some time, can't think of a better occasion to use it though. I tell Tim all the time...I can't do this without you, you can't leave me.

Just wanted to pass on some ideas that may add some special touches to your father's day:
I cut out a simple tie shape out of fun paper & have written each dad's name on a tie for place settings. Also to the right of the plate I put a card that guests can fill out to remember their own dad (ones who are still with us and those who are not)

 Created a pennant banner with newspaper & tie shape-easy peasy.
BELOW: You can right click on these and download the bottom 3. They are each 4x6. Just put them in a simple frame on your table.


custom order

A custom order. These are goodbye gifts for a little girl's best friends. The mom picked different qualities each child had shown her daughter. So thoughtful! These are watercolor collages $30 per matted piece.

matted print option

All of my scripture prints can be matted like the above for $15. The print size is 5x7 and matte is 8x10.