wal-mark low

the longer I am a mom, the further away from style, music & coolness I get. case & point below:
i bought my bathing suit at walmart this season, i am sure to be the envy of all other pool people this summer. UPDATE: I retract my wal-mart bathing suit pity party.The bathing suit has been road tested and I give it a thumbs up (keeps the tummy in!). Plus, my on-trend friend Sarah B. has the same suit!

And in my effort to multitask, I saw that Wal-Mark started carrying this WINE! recently & it was grabbed up-one red and one white. So with tim's parents in town, we got into them and almost spit them out. We take a closer look at the label and is small print, it reads wine product. what the julio?? Now that I am typing this, I should return it. It tasted like messed up grape juice, which I'm sure did not have the proper alcohol content. Please do not stoop to this multitasking mommy low & be tricked into purchasing your wine at WM.

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