largen life

ruthie at her friend charlie's bday party! cute boy!!!
 these are little mustache tattoos that you put on your finger-cute, right?
 So this picture makes me want to get back on FB. I took a Lent break & haven't rejoined. Don't they look alike.
henry & his name-my boy does not feel the need to practice his name. i want to remember this little scrawly writing.
my men snoozing.
henry has a summer bday, so we celebrated early with his class. fabulous teacher, sweet classmates...
 sooooo, this cookie cake could be a cake wrecks entry. thinking they goofed henry's name and fashioned some icing clouds over the boo-boo. when the clerk asked "what do you think"-my reply "perfect". more icing the better according to henry. give me that cake.
ruthie in the middle belting out "it's a grand ole flag" at end of year school program
so henry comes marching out with his class and he's the only one with a super-sized dress t-shirt. what the heck? then i remember the request for a plain white t-shirt from his teacher. But at the holidays, she requested a men's white t. mommy oversight.

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