wal-mark low

the longer I am a mom, the further away from style, music & coolness I get. case & point below:
i bought my bathing suit at walmart this season, i am sure to be the envy of all other pool people this summer. UPDATE: I retract my wal-mart bathing suit pity party.The bathing suit has been road tested and I give it a thumbs up (keeps the tummy in!). Plus, my on-trend friend Sarah B. has the same suit!

And in my effort to multitask, I saw that Wal-Mark started carrying this WINE! recently & it was grabbed up-one red and one white. So with tim's parents in town, we got into them and almost spit them out. We take a closer look at the label and is small print, it reads wine product. what the julio?? Now that I am typing this, I should return it. It tasted like messed up grape juice, which I'm sure did not have the proper alcohol content. Please do not stoop to this multitasking mommy low & be tricked into purchasing your wine at WM.


largen life

ruthie at her friend charlie's bday party! cute boy!!!
 these are little mustache tattoos that you put on your finger-cute, right?
 So this picture makes me want to get back on FB. I took a Lent break & haven't rejoined. Don't they look alike.
henry & his name-my boy does not feel the need to practice his name. i want to remember this little scrawly writing.
my men snoozing.
henry has a summer bday, so we celebrated early with his class. fabulous teacher, sweet classmates...
 sooooo, this cookie cake could be a cake wrecks entry. thinking they goofed henry's name and fashioned some icing clouds over the boo-boo. when the clerk asked "what do you think"-my reply "perfect". more icing the better according to henry. give me that cake.
ruthie in the middle belting out "it's a grand ole flag" at end of year school program
so henry comes marching out with his class and he's the only one with a super-sized dress t-shirt. what the heck? then i remember the request for a plain white t-shirt from his teacher. But at the holidays, she requested a men's white t. mommy oversight.

wedding season!

 Funny story on the above one, my friend Jen delivered her invite folded in quarters stuffed into Henry's school bag-her little boy is in the same class. I rolled when I saw this. She had never seen what I "do" when i paint an invite-no sure what she envisioned. But somehow I was determined to "make it work" & I wet it and flat ironed it out and added collage and beading to cover the creases. J makes me laugh daily, so this was another laugh we had.

Love is in the air! Drop off or mail me a wedding invite & I will paint it up/matte it for $30 (plus tax). I can ship for an additional $5. Pretty wrapping is included. LOOOOOVE doing these, bring them on!


new project

Above is a confirmation gift for my niece. I added the confirmation date & this verse that I pray will carry her through her ups and downs. She's about to be in jr. high-YIKES. Such tricky territory.

This one can be yours. Wouldn't it be cute with an anniversary/wedding/graduation date?
I can add a date to it. I can do more-just give me a little time.

SIZE: 4"x6"x1/2"
Price: $25
Wooden block with paper collage/stamps/acrylic.


Hubby and I celebrated our #9 the other weekend. We got a deal and stayed at the Grand Hotel near Fairhope. What a beautiful place! We dropped the big kids at Tim's parents and we (with max) kicked around Fairhope for the day. 
At the Grand Hotel at Point Clear, AL.
Would recommend this spot in fairhope: panini pete's. The lemon on the beignets was so yummy.
These kookie crazy live oaks-so much character.

tim with max at the hotel's putting green. close as he's getting to golf these days. pretty sure max is not being smothered.


can't buy it-just paint it

Nightstand REDO
-Lightly sanded the wood
-primed with Kiln's
-spray painted with high gloss creme spray paint
-sealed it with polyeurethane
-left the brass handles as is-they worked with the creme

(and of course you know my nightstand table always looks this tidy)