My "helpers". Ruthie is wearing her h-ween costume from 2 years ago. I'm sure she was burning up.
So if Martha Stewart & were to sit next to each other on a plane, I would be able to tell her that I plant zinnias each year and this would probably be all we have in common. The most-martha thing I do & you can too! This is what we do:

-Get seeds from Home Depot, dollar tree, Kroger, Lowe's (i've found them at all these places!)
-Find a sunny spot. They like sun!
-So we just till up (is this the word)? a space
-Add a couple of bags of top soil
-sprinkle lots of seeds on the dirt, roll the dirt over the seeds a little & water
-I prob buy more than I need to
-They aren't the tidiest of growing flowers, they grow tall. This does not stop me from planting them in the front yard.
-Sometimes I water if it has been dry.
-Keep cutting them once they bloom & more will come.
-Easy Peasy.
-Plant now. One year I planted them too late, and they were puny.

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