Reporting from babyland...these things typically happen to me while I am here:

1. I get pulled into some various TV/book obsession during the night feedings...
 HENRY (baby #1): Veronica Mars series
 RUTHIE (#2): Freaks & Geeks, My So Called Life, Twilight books
 MAX (#3): Hunger Games books & MAD MEN. And so obsessed with HG, I took Max to see his first movie at 1 month. Not a peep!!

2. I get the itch to do home improvement projects, too much time in the house & watching Nate Berkus!!! I'm spray painting chairs & I made mom break out the sewing machine to try to teach me. Can I remember how to thread this thing on my own??? See below a chair before & after.
 BEFORE (this little chair I got for $15 when I lived in Chattanooga about 10 years ago)
AFTER (sanded & spray painted it and covered the seat with fabric using spray adhesive & staple gun)

3. I am reminded of God's goodness:
-I have a love/hate relationship with nursing (thrush!!!) & I am soooo close to b-feeding in public. Beyonce did it! I would lose my nerve, I'll just keep hiding out in my car in various parking lots. I can see God's purpose in all of it. It makes me stop and rest for 20 minutes each time. I smile when I realize things like this-God looking out for tired mamas.
-When I'm not reading Hunger Games, there is nothing like this still time with God & little Max in the middle of the night. 
-All the things I was so anxious about post-baby, God has taken care of...my freelance work has been manageable, life with 3 is nutty at times but not all the time, the sleep thing is not that bad.
-I love seeing Henry & Ruthie & their tenderness towards this little one-it is a side I don't see often. They know he's fragile & don't seem too stressed by the crying.
-I am reminded of my need for God as a mom, I surely need Him-because there are days when I really stink at it. I just pray they know Jesus despite of me & my yuck.

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Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

This is hilarious! I remember buying the P90x series while up with Bennett in the wee morning hours. You are a wonderful mother but we all feel inadequate sometimes because we are always having to multitask. I go by the KISS theory these days -- Keep It Simple Stupid -- why complicate things.