max is here!

He's here & a week old today! Maxwell "Max" Robert Largen. Born Thursday, March 1.
In the below picture was the first time I could let myself relax and truly welcome him. That cry is the best sound ever-to have him here safe and sound.
 Chillin' in the hospital room on check-out day. Ruthie may have liked the crunchy hospital ice more than Max.
It was good sweet seeing Henry & Ruthie when they came to meet Max-they came on the last day so we could all leave together. So glad I recorded that precious first encounter of baby Max. It was so fleeting-they moved on to hospital ice & the huge remote control connected to the hospital bed.

Ruthie keeps saying-He is ours, no one is going to take him away from us. (We've watched Tangled too many times-you know the baby Repunzel is stolen from her birth parents).

We had a great session with Lisa Siddall, I just discovered her work a few weeks ago. She is great with the newborns & very patient & reasonable (I got the CD digital package). She's in Ridgeland.


heather short said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I had no idea!!! He is adorable.... Love the pictures!!!! How much fun... Welcome to the 3 kid parenthood club!

Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

Congratulations!! He is precious and so are Henry and Ruthie! I can't wait to meet Max soon!