maggie & max

So my sister Polly had her baby girl in Dallas-Anne Margaret "Maggie", Feb. 21 & Max came a week later. My mom is sweating it, wanting to be in 2 places at once. We are blessed, blessed, blessed.

These are paintings I did for her & below is one I did for Max, it is nothing fabulous. I was in early labor while I was working on it.

Funny baby stories that I want to remember:
-After Max came, I texted out a little picture of "max" and the stats, etc-to at least 10 or so people
-But later that day, I realized I really sent out a picture of "maggie" with my text
-I truly didn't realize that was not my baby & it was such a better picture of "max"-I corrected myself to a few friends, but left it as is with most
-In my defense, they offer you very good drugs while you are in the hospital. And a baby pic is a baby pic essentially.
-Funniest show on air to me
-So I went in to the hospital Wed night with contractions. Unfortunately they were about 5-10 min apart & not very productive
-So I was watching Happy Endings & trying not to laugh during my contractions-I was cussing the TV for making me laugh and adding to the pain

-Went to CVS the other day-first post-baby outing. So not 1 but 2 people asked me if I was expecting. Okay, I'm not that vain, but geez-once was enough. It is a perfectly round 5mth baby bump for sure. Henry keeps asking me what's in my tummy. Promise, it is not another baby.
-Also saw another new mama in the parking lot and she was one of the innocent ones who asked when the baby was due, well told her I just had the baby actually-last week. What did you have? she asked. I replied, A baby girl. What did I just tell her? I completely spazzed and corrected myself. I told her I was crazy and got myself in the car really fast.

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