step stool steps!


Local customers...
1. Order the above KidKraft step stool from Target or Wal-mart and assembly it (sorry, hubby says no more on assembling them).They have lots of colors. See links above.
2. Leave it on my door step & convo with me on what you want.
3. Painting cost is $30-50, depending on the detail. Tell me your thoughts & I will price it.
4. So $35-45 for step stool plus the painting fee.

If you are not local:
1. Have a assembled step stool shipped to me & I will paint it & ship back.

Above is another option from Wal-Mart of a pre-assembled step stool. I only see natural & this honey oak offered. You can order this & have it shipped directly to me. So it is around $40 (plus the cost of painting & me shipping to you). It does not have the lift up storage top.

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