birthday luv!

I get so sad after my kids' birthday parties, in a mopey litlte sugar coma. We had so much fun & I'm so glad I could fully enjoy it before this baby boy steals the show. Ruthie ate it up, loved seeing her sweet friends from her class-she's a social little thing. I'm glad only family was around to see her open presents-she was like a tasmanian devil & then it was time for a nap.
 ruthie & her honey.
 Henry said he would wear his pink shirt if da-da would wear his.

 ruthie's little timeline.
 my friend sherry (your party pixie) let me borrow lots of her cute orange/pink fabric.
 Got this awesome stamp set like this and it came in handy.

 Got this idea here.

 Ruthie loves strawberry cake (and I do too). I used Paula Deen's recipe. If I can do it, you can. I don't bake much.

 Okay, so I got a Silhouette CAMEO™ for Christmas and did these little heart cut-outs for the mailbox favors (Target dollar bin) & cupcake holders. I could really go berserk with this thing, it overwhelms.


www.thewowie.com said...

How cute! Love pink and orange. Too bad my boys will not agree to it. ;)

Jessica & Clif Barnes said...

That looks like the best birthday party ever! Can I hire you to come to Greenwood!