polly & me

This is my sister Polly & me-from this fall. She is 2 years younger & lives in Dallas. We are due with babies 2 weeks apart-she's due at the end of February & me mid-March. Such a sweet blessing to be prego at the same time & have babies together-no one else can truly remember newborn days besides the ones living it. My Ruthie & her Charlie are 3 months apart as well. Polly & I have walked life together:
-cheered jr high & high school together
-ran track together
-dated brothers back in the day (kinda weird & neat at the same time)
-went to college together
-pledged same sorority (I was her pledge trainer). her sorority big sister was my sorority little sister---Jane!
-I assume her friends are my friends & now she has Dallas friends that I don't really know (!)
-we got married in the same year (poor mamasita)
-I can be very honest with her & tell her anything
-we are very different from each other in lots of ways but get each other & i know if we every fight/disagree, we'll get over it quickly & maybe just pretend it didn't happen.
-we appreciate the same type of music
-i am the older sister, but sometimes there is role reversal many times going thru life-polly can be more adventurous than me about things.
-polly is a pretty no-frills girl, but ain't scared to indulge in a massage: chair massage, table massage-wherever she can get them (in the middle of a mall, in a spa, or at the chiropractor)
-she has a heart for the people around her, people who are hurting/those who need God/she takes time for them regardless of her own "stuff"
-if you know polly, you love her because she's authentic & really don't pretend to be someone she is not. this sounds like a simple thing, but is hard for us to do.
-essentially, polly does her thing without much fanfare, and you are blessed if you know her

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guVery sweet!!! Love yall