luv is in the air...

So Ruthie's #3 is March 10, but we are celebrating early with a v-tine party and this is all she talks about. She's been decorating for it already. Heart stickers all over the kitchen windows. We are both so excited. Ideas I've gathered below, not sure if they will all happen, but at least gets me going.

I have limited energy these days...baby boy due March 11 & my body is giving out on me. But a party can always energize me!!! Got one of those nifty belly braces and everything. And sporting a fever blister, which doesn't look that great on a heavy breathing, big bellied woman. Mandy, you can feel my pain & all the sistas out there who cannot hide when they are stressed because of these loverly tell-tale signs.

To clarify, this post is not about my fever blister, it is about getting excited about Ruthie's party!!!


cheswell said...

Chin up! You are beautiful, talented and AMAZING! Your littles are so lucky to have you as mom and R will be tickled pink with her valentine's bash! Can't wait to see what incredible things you put together :) love ya!!

Sarah Largen said...

thanks sweet friend. this meant alot when i read it. goodness, i do hope my kids feel lucky after we they look back (and aren't discussing me to their therapist). love to you and your sweet boys.