christmas memories

Our little fam had a interesting Sunday church experience this past week.

We were asked to light the advent candles at the church service.

When Vicki (one of our associate pastors) asked, I hesitated thinking how this reverent tradition symbolizing Jesus' birth could go south with a 2 & 4 year old in the mix.

But I couldn't pass it up-a special memory RIGHT??? So we covered what you do/don't do while lighting advent candles in front of the church....
-don't pick your nose
-don't hop like a bunny
-hold all questions until after the service
-stop drop & roll if you catch fire
You will be rewarded with M&M's if you be little angels.

So all is going well, had Ruthie's hand & as I am starting to light the last 2 candles......she breaks free and hanks her dress up over her head and ignores my dress swatting. Tim is thoroughly focused on his advent reading and is unaware (how do they have the ability to do this?). I have to leave my flashing daughter to finish my lighting.

It was a big, beautiful music program that Sunday-a full orchestra on stage, who all got a front seat to her show.

I wanted to:
1-roll laughing
2-cry and run my pregnant body out of the sanctuary

The first thing Ruthie asked when we left the sanctuary was,
"Do I get my m&m's now?"
"Sure baby."

Thank goodness that "Jesus loves the little children" & I have convinced myself that He was laughing as much as I really wanted to.

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Ashley said...

Sarah - this will be one for the Largen memory book for sure! I love your written account of it....you'll have to share with Ruthie in her teenage years & beyond. You have a precious family & now a precious Christmas advent memory!