christmas cheer

 So excited about my new stocking for the fam. We have 2 of these plaid long skinny ones (bought from a woman in Canton-made from an old coat!) & I got the red ones made to match it at Premiere fabrics in Jackson.
 This nesting santa is henry's fave thing to play with...

Lots of yard work being done with Tim & limited work schedule during the holidays. They are squishing down his pinestraw. Henry has been very interested in Oscar the Grouch after we told him about this green thing that lives in a garbage can & is grouchy all the time. Maybe since most mornings when Henry wakes up he says he's "just a little bit grumpy"-he probably wants to meet this green grouch & gripe about mamas who try to make them talk way too early in the morning.

pumpkin bread

 Ruthie "helping". This was right before I had to send her to time-out because she tried to push Henry off the chair that was beside her. He was moving in on her stir.
 This cake release stuff (at Michael's) is fabulous for my occasional baking needs. My mom uses crisco & flour to grease her cans.

 all wrapped up and ready to give. yarn is my fave c-mas wrapping ribbon (warm/fuzzy & very inexpensive)
It doesn't feel like Christmas until I make some pumpkin bread. My mom use to send us to school with these little odd-shaped loafs of pumpkin bread, I remember thinking "i seriously doubt they are going to want this".
But now I am making it and giving it to my neighbors. If you like pumpkin bread, it is a good recipe. It is fun to save the cans and cook in those.

3 1/2 cups of sifted flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp nutmeg
3 cups sugar
4 beaten eggs
2/3 cup water
1 cup vegetable oil
16 oz can pumpkin
1/2 cup of raisens
1/2 cup of chopped pecans
7 empty 14.5 oz aluminum cans

Combine sifted flour, soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg & sugar in large mixing bowl. Add beaten eggs, water, oil, and pumpkin & stir until blended. Add nuts, mix well. Grease cans with crisco/flour or Wilton cake release. Pour mixture halfway into 7 aluminum 14.5 oz cans (or three 1 lb. coffee cans). Bake 1 hour at 350. Cool slightly in cans. Turn out on cooling rack to finish cooling. Run knife around the inside of can if needed to get the bread out easily.
Keeps for weeks in the fridge or freezes. Yummy sliced with butter or cream cheese.


christmas memories

Our little fam had a interesting Sunday church experience this past week.

We were asked to light the advent candles at the church service.

When Vicki (one of our associate pastors) asked, I hesitated thinking how this reverent tradition symbolizing Jesus' birth could go south with a 2 & 4 year old in the mix.

But I couldn't pass it up-a special memory RIGHT??? So we covered what you do/don't do while lighting advent candles in front of the church....
-don't pick your nose
-don't hop like a bunny
-hold all questions until after the service
-stop drop & roll if you catch fire
You will be rewarded with M&M's if you be little angels.

So all is going well, had Ruthie's hand & as I am starting to light the last 2 candles......she breaks free and hanks her dress up over her head and ignores my dress swatting. Tim is thoroughly focused on his advent reading and is unaware (how do they have the ability to do this?). I have to leave my flashing daughter to finish my lighting.

It was a big, beautiful music program that Sunday-a full orchestra on stage, who all got a front seat to her show.

I wanted to:
1-roll laughing
2-cry and run my pregnant body out of the sanctuary

The first thing Ruthie asked when we left the sanctuary was,
"Do I get my m&m's now?"
"Sure baby."

Thank goodness that "Jesus loves the little children" & I have convinced myself that He was laughing as much as I really wanted to.


client gifts

I did these little gift cards in wooden boxes for my largen design client gifts this year. God has blessed me so much. I thank Him each day for using my gifts and keeping my crazy brain busy. I get to work with some really fabulous clients. Got the boxes at Michael's.

holiday house

I always like sneaking peeks at others' Christmas decor. Tried to keep my muted and natural this year. Hard for me, because I do love my color.


 Advent calendar I found on etsy last year. Will locate the link.
BELOW: Keeping it real, with my Christmas explosion room. Christmas can bring out the crazies & I hope you can keep yours at bay.


holiday cheer

Okay, pictures with Santa is always something that is just "on the list" for me. And you can see why (above Henry when he was 1.5 with his beloved Santa). I'm sure you have similar story/shot to match this. If you need a bit of cheer, check out more below. I gave a friend a book from this site, it will make you roll. Good one to bookmark for a laugh.

watercolor custom orders

Above is a custom watercolor for my sweet friend Courtney. She dropped off the frame & this was a $30 5x7 in 8x10-I put in it.
These above 2 shots were of a gift from Betsy to her friend who loves things to be "clean" & Betsy thought this verse fitting for her! The friend said she was going to hang it in her bathroom =)


custom baby gifts, all under $35

A sampling of custom orders. All it takes is an email (and a little extra lead time), you tell me your price point & I'll give you some options. sarah@largendesign.com  
A gift that is customized really is appreciated. I'm even touched at the thoughtfulness of my customers...it inspires me to be a more "thoughtful" gift giver. I love being in on a special occasion, hoping that the receiver LOVES it & oohs & aahs.
^ 8x10 custom canvas ^ $30 Bless this Child with monogram
^ custom 8x10 canvas with monogram ^ $35 (we matched her bedding)

 ^ 5x7 watercolor in 8x10 matte for $30 ^
^ The 2 above were for 2 nieces of a customer ^ 8x10 canvas $35 per (with monogram & verse)
 5x7 watercolor in 8x10 for a new baby girl $30