totally tubular

 Okay, so Tim & I had the opportunity to get crazy 80's and attend the jackson jr. league pretty in pink prom. A great band called the Molly Ringwalds played-people go cuckoo over them here. So here I am above, knocked up at prom. Don't these pictures make me look like I live a very fun & exciting life-I'm even impressed. Got get all this fun out before baby boy comes. I'm being dramatic.
 And here we are with our skeeeered friends who were not dressed up in the proper decade, but they promised to do it next year.
 Literally I danced 2 hours straight.
BTW, these are all the sweet (and as shown here-crazy) ladies in my Bible study. They make my life full-lending me maternity clothes, breast pumps (ugh), praying for me, laughing with me, crying with me & dancing with me!!!!
 Tim's 867-5309 iron-on shirt I made for him.
Okay, there were 10 of us packed into my new mini-van. I was determined to make use of my delicate condition and serve as the DD.
You can't fully appreciate Ashley's polka dot dress with the full shoulder pads, but this was an actual dress she wore back in the day & still fit in it fabulously.

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KK said...

Love, love, love living through the "prom" with y'all. Of course, I think you out did your outfit from last year.