kiddo boo craft

If you need a last minute inexpensive Halloween craft, this is one I"m doing with Henry's class on Monday.
-Got the $1 wooden frames at Michael's
-painted them with watered down orange acrylic paint (so you can see the woodgrain underneath)
-painted the little cardboard insert that came with the frame a glossy black acrylic
-do the handprint with acrylic white paint (will stain the clothes unfortunately)
-used small & big black buttons for the eyes & mouth
-went ahead and wrote everyone's name & year on the frames

So Ruthie thought it was a puppy dog, but we know it is a ghost-right.

Mine is a variation of this idea I got here.

BTW, Henry is a robot & Ruthie is Hello Kitty this year. Their pick. Ruthie sleeps with a giant hello kitty each night & Henry would will himself to become a robot if he could. Can't wait!!!

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