chicago trip!

Chicago!!! It was on the list & is now checked off! Perfect timing..before our family expands in March (no one is extremely willing to keep a newborn). It was a perfect trip-a long weekend & we slept in and everything. Our friends Chris & Jennifer were fun traveling partners.

 ^ seeing the big bean, so very cool in person ^
^ no kids on the trip, but went to the lego store-it felt wrong being there without Henry. windy city man made of legos! ^

^ Frontera Grill, Rick Bayless restaurant-YUM. If only I could have had a margarita! ^
 ^ Trump towers neato succulent display. ^
^ kept taking pics of buildings because there really is the coolest architecture there ^
^ ITALIAN NIGHT::::::: ^
(so we needed mustaches-right. don't worry, in the cab only.)

^ love the top two light fixtures, this vent covering light was a nice nod to the industrial-ness of chicago ^

::::::::::Art Institute of Chicago:::::::::::
thanks, jennifer for going with me. It was amazing to see some of my favorite artwork in person.

 i was all energized after the museum. blown away.
and i had flashbacks to the dorm room studying for my art appreciation class. my roommate Frances would be flipping thru the flashcards helping me remember all the fancy artists' names.

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