sucker butt

So I was quickly swishing through the wal-mark the other day, with 2 cranky, hungry kiddos tearing into our un-purchased food. And I heard this voice from behind me saying "girrrrl, you got a sucker stuck on your bootie". huh? I did a quick hand swipe & I found something that looked like ^that^ swinging right from the middle of my skirted bootay. Gosh. I thanked her and we laughed, knowing i had made her day. But I literally had just made all the aisles of wm in about 10 minutes time with a cartfull of commotion. At least it was just in wal-mart, everyone looks their worst in WM-right?

I can't wait for Ruthie to be old enough to tell me this stuff (lipstick on the teeth, cover-up not blended properly, one earring on, etc.)

I told my friend Sherry my ha-ha & that night she sent me a text that night that just said-"sucker butt", I thought surely it was a weird predictive text thing. No, she was right....I was sucker butt.

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