largen life

Sweet friends, I was organizing my computer bookmarks tonight & realized there are so many precious blogs out there I mark & never return to...so it made me thankful for you who keep coming back. You are a such a fun part of my little life & thanks for letting me having my space on the web!
 So we passed this car on the road the other day & henry almost flipped his lid. A life size hot wheel car!
 henry & ruthie started school this week & happy to report they are loving it. ruthie would go 5 days if I let her & Henry's main report each day is if he's been able to play with the class' computer. ruthie can almost name all in her class/henry is good to be able to recall his teacher's names.
ruthie and her cousin elizabeth are 2 peas in a pod. elizabeth is 5 years older & is mom junior. they have flowers in their hair, they picked from my sister's backyard. Literally, ruthie called to "mom" yesterday while we were all together-but she said she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to elizabeth.

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