Join me at the Day in the Country at the Chapel of the Cross in Madison
674 Mannsdale Road

this Saturday, October 1, 9 am-4 pm

I am in Booth #61 (blue tent)

Come, come, come! Find me & say HEY, I won't make you buy anything!

It is a great day for the family, lots of shade & lots of vendors, food & music. It is free!

I will have some new wooden block verses, wooden crosses, new framed quotes, bookmarks, verses in easel frames.

If you plan on coming & want to order some Christmas labels or everyday labels, email me today/tomorrow & I'll have them ready for you to pick up on Saturday ($15 for 36).


sucker butt

So I was quickly swishing through the wal-mark the other day, with 2 cranky, hungry kiddos tearing into our un-purchased food. And I heard this voice from behind me saying "girrrrl, you got a sucker stuck on your bootie". huh? I did a quick hand swipe & I found something that looked like ^that^ swinging right from the middle of my skirted bootay. Gosh. I thanked her and we laughed, knowing i had made her day. But I literally had just made all the aisles of wm in about 10 minutes time with a cartfull of commotion. At least it was just in wal-mart, everyone looks their worst in WM-right?

I can't wait for Ruthie to be old enough to tell me this stuff (lipstick on the teeth, cover-up not blended properly, one earring on, etc.)

I told my friend Sherry my ha-ha & that night she sent me a text that night that just said-"sucker butt", I thought surely it was a weird predictive text thing. No, she was right....I was sucker butt.


meredith pardue!

tim had a weak moment and let me get a meredith pardue painting (oil on paper). can go without explanation, but it was before we found out about #3. oh, how I am enjoying it...her work got stuck in my head when I saw it a few years ago & have not been able to forget about it. she is gifted.



Saw this craft idea at my fave pick-me-up site whatever & couldn't get it off my radar. Then a little friends of henry & ruthie came to mind-these girls love rainbows (big sis especially) & thought we needed to make them together. Looks like Avery has had a long day at play-sans shoe & all.

My friend decided to paint her wood scrap background black (or you could do white), I kept Henry's piece on the rustic wood. I screwed in little hoop screws to hang with ribbon. I found those wood scraps on the side of the wood that day-artwork for the cost of crayons & ribbon!

Kids loved this craft-so did mamas. Color does something for your soul. No one is immune.


be my everything

 So I get much inspiration while sitting in church: through scripture, lyrics-always walk away with ideas for projects. So this song (listen below) made me happy cry and I love its message. Letting God permeate our entire lives, to be in our: sleeping, hoping, crying, loving, dreaming. 

This one is going to a silent auction for my nieces/nephew's school fundraiser: 1st PRES Holiday Potpourri 

Tim Hughes - Everything .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


largen life

Sweet friends, I was organizing my computer bookmarks tonight & realized there are so many precious blogs out there I mark & never return to...so it made me thankful for you who keep coming back. You are a such a fun part of my little life & thanks for letting me having my space on the web!
 So we passed this car on the road the other day & henry almost flipped his lid. A life size hot wheel car!
 henry & ruthie started school this week & happy to report they are loving it. ruthie would go 5 days if I let her & Henry's main report each day is if he's been able to play with the class' computer. ruthie can almost name all in her class/henry is good to be able to recall his teacher's names.
ruthie and her cousin elizabeth are 2 peas in a pod. elizabeth is 5 years older & is mom junior. they have flowers in their hair, they picked from my sister's backyard. Literally, ruthie called to "mom" yesterday while we were all together-but she said she wasn't talking to me, she was talking to elizabeth.